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"I have known Rebecca Toon for almost six years and have had the pleasure of working with her on eight productions, both as producer and director. Rebecca's work is always smart, creative, and efficient. Time and again she has produced beautiful work on a tiny budget. Rebecca is always friendly and collaborative, a delight to work with."

- Samantha MacDonald, former Artistic Producer, Lunchbox Theatre

"Rebecca is truly a triple threat, her work is visually stunning while demonstrating a keen understanding of what good design can bring to theatre, well-honed skills in costume production mean she understands how to construct costumes that are realized on time and within budget, and imaginative thoughtful collaboration is a key to her creative process. Toss in her Cosmetology skill set and it’s clearly evident she’s a rare talent."

-Leslie Robinson Greene, University of Lethbridge Professor

"As a director, I've had the pleasure of working with Rebecca many times, and she was always prepared and professional, insightful and fun.  A very creative, capable and detail-oriented designer.  She always brought a lot of great ideas to the table, but was always keenly interested in being malleable within the flow of the process."

J. Sean Elliot - Director

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