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"REBECCA! What department are you in? I hear you are an Art major that we might be able to turn into a Drama student."


That was the start of a pivotal conversation with a costume design professor who saw something in me that I didn't know could be turned into a successful career.  


I have been a creator for as long as I can remember. Sewing from a young age, I have always enjoyed working with clothing.  From replacing a lost eye on a stuffy with a button to finding the perfect vintage cufflink for a historical play, my love of costuming has never dimmed. 

With my experience costuming large groups of actors and extras in a variety of formats, embracing period, stylized and contemporary scripts, I have the skills to collaborate with you to make any world imaginable. 

As a Costume Designer, my skills begin with an understanding of how clothing is put together. This is the basis of my design career and continues to benefit my work in each and every new production. As a former backstage crew member, I understand the need for efficient and effective methods of creating costumes for the realities of presenting theatre.

My deep knowledge and appreciation of fashion history, combined with an aptness to draft and alter historical patterns, has enabled me to recreate specific silhouettes. Not only do I create new pieces for productions, but I also recognize the potential in using existing contemporary garments for period specific styling.

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I have extensive experience working within a costume team and also leading it. I believe that costumers do this work because we enjoy it; it's in our blood to design, fabricate and build. The space we work in should be a welcoming one full of camaraderie and cooperation. Each person is a valued team member and when I am in the company of people who are here to create, I come alive.