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Awards and Nominations
The Last of Us - Nominee - Contemporary Costume Design, Primetime Emmy Awards 2023 (Assistant Costume Designer)
Suzy Makes Cupcakes - Nominee - Best Costume Design, Calgary Independent Filmmaker Awards 2023
What's the Word, (S1) - Winner - Costume Design for a Web Series, CAFTCAD Awards 2022


The Dark Lady

Lunchbox Theatre & The Shakespeare Company 

Directed by Bronwyn Steinburg

Set Design by Madeline Blondal

Sound Design by Alexandra Cowman

Lighting Design by Lisa Floyd

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Natasha Gorges & Luigi Riscaldino

This is a modern day telling of Shakespeare and his muse, Emilia Bassano. We wanted to mix both modern and Elizabethan influences into this design, which led me to deconstructing modern clothing to create period costumes. (2023)


Vertigo Theatre

Directed by Jamie Dunsdon

Set Design by Scott Reid

Sound Design by Dewi Wood

Lighting Design by Anton De Grout

Photos by Tim Nguyen

Pictured: Anna Cummer, Haysam Kadri and Curt McKinistry

Based on the classic Stephen King Novel, this was an early 1980s thriller where makeup, prosthetics and costume design all had to create the infamous sledgehammer scene among other bone chilling visuals. (2022)

Following the COVID-19 shutdown, I spent time researching and drafting from historical patterns to create garments from the Early to Mid Victorian period for use at The Costume Collective, a rental and design house I am co-founder of. (2020)

Photos by Hugh Short

Examples of my abilities to style period costumes using a mixture of found and contemporary garments combined with pieces that I have designed and created. 

Photos by Hugh Short

Jilliane Yawney - Story Power 

This was a costume design for a re-branding project using a scouting theme as way to represent the journey taken when accomplishing the program. 

(2020) Design for FIlm/Print images

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare by the Bow, Theatre Calgary

Directed by Ted Dykstra

Set Design by Deitra Kalyn

Composed by Ted Dykstra

Photos by Trudie Lee Photography

Pictured: Melanie Bahnuik, Billy Brown, Gabby Bernard, Jerod Blake, Griffin Cork, Elizabeth Ferguson-Breaker, Emily Howard, Maggie Mackenzie, Liam McKinnon, Johnathon Molinski, Robyn Ord, Spencer Streichart & Joel David Taylor

As a fantasy piece, the director wanted this production to take place in an undedicated time in history, with the Fairy realm being influenced by futuristic fashion. (2019)

Brave Girl

Lunchbox Theatre

Directed by Valmai Goggin

Set and Lighting Design by Kathryn Smith

Musical Directed by Joe Slabe

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography 

Pictured: Ellie Holt, Jessica Eckstadt & Tara Jackson

Contemporary Canadian Military piece where authenticity was key (2018)

Much Ado About Nothing 

The Shakespeare Company 

Directed by Jan Alexander Smith

Set and Lighting Design by Patrick Du Wors

Sound Design by Chad Blain

Photos by Tim Nguyen

Pictured: Joel Cochrane, Deborah Ferguson, Tyrell Crews, Myla Southward, Natascha Strickey, Meg Farhall, Mihai Dan, Armin Karame, Roger Leblanc 

Set in 1912 Italy, includes military, daytime, wedding and masquerade looks.(2018)

52 Pickup

Lunchbox Theatre 

Directed by Chris Stockton

Set & Lighting Design by Scott Reid

Sound Design by Ellis Lalonde

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography


Pictured: Ayla Stephen and Christopher Duthie

This was a improv memory piece where we dyed garments to fade from grey to colour. (2018)

Ai Yah! Sweet and Sour Secrets

Lunchbox Theatre 

Directed by Trevor Reuger

Set & Lighting Design by Terry Gunvordahl

Sound Design by Aidan Lytton

Photos by Benjamin Laird

Pictured: Chantelle Han, BenWong, Jamie Matchoullis and Kelsey Verzotti

Contemporary piece that takes place over Chinese New Year. (2018)

Wizard of Oz

Storybook Theatre

Directed by Mark Bellamy

Musical Direction by Susan Lexa

Set and Lighting Design by JP Thibodeau

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured, Katie McMillan, Ryan Maschke, Jaime Robinson, Laura Solio, Janos Zeller, Ethan Taylor & Nic Chamberlain 

We wanted to show a different look than the typical presentations of the productions. Taking inspirations from runway for our witches and trees. (2017)

Book Club, The Next Chapter

Lunchbox Theatre 

Directed by Shari Wattling

Set & Lighting Designed by Terry Gunvordahl

Sound Designed by Alison Lynch

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Cheryl Hutton, Curt McKinistry, Kira Bradley, Anna Cummer and Arielle Rombough

Contemporary piece, taking place over a girls weekend away. (2017)

Urban Jungle Book 

Storybook Theatre

Directed by JP Thibodeau

Musical Direction by Joe Slabe

Set & Lighting Design by JP Thibodeau

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: JJ Penaranda, Andrea Pge, Laura Solio, Alex Smith, Tenaj Williams, Jolene Anderson, Jason Lemmon, Nina Garcia, Alyshia-Grace Hobday & Justine Westby 

This was a new piece modernizing the classic story, we took hiphop dance wear and morphed it with contemporary looks. (2017)

Suite Surrender

Stage West Theatre

Directed by J. Sean Elliot

Set Design by David Smith

Lighting Design by Ajay Badoni

Sound Design by Michael Gesy

Photos by John Watson Photography

Pictured: Scott Olynek, Adrian Shepard, Chantal Perron, Natascha Girgis, Elizabeth Stepkowski Taran, Kevin Hare, Susan Johnson-Collins, Charlie Gould & Trevor Rueger

Fast paced 1940's farce with multiple looks and changes within the production. (2016)

I'll Be Back Before Midnight

Vertigo Theatre

Directed by Daryl Cloran

Set and Lighting Design by Scott Reid

Sound Design by Jonathan Lewis

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Brianna Blizzard, David Van Belle, Alanna Hawley & Paul Cowling

1970's Murder Mystery including breakdown, blood and working with a flight crew on costuming with a hanging harness. (2015)

Dial M for Murder 

Vertigo Theatre

Directed by Kelly Reay

Set & Lighting Design by Terry Gunvordahl

Sound Design by Michael Gesy

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Curt McKinistry, Kevin Corey, Kevin Rothery & Vanessa Holmes

A 1950's Murder Mystery, the yellow dress was designed and created custom for Ms. Holmes. (2015)

Fiddler on the Roof

Stage West Theatre

Directed by Elizabeth Stepkowski Tarhan

Musical Direction by Konrad Pluta

Set Design by Sean D. Ellis

Lighting Design by Ian Martens

Photos by John Watson Photography

Pictured: Jordan Till, Paul Almeida, Stephan Dickson,Ed Sahely, Grant Linneburg, Natascha Girgis, Elena Porter, Gabrielle Jones, Victor A. Young, Arielle Rombough, Kevin Rothery, Scott Olynek

Traditional period costuming, working with a large cast with multiple looks, on a tight timeline. (2014)

Avenue Q

Stage West Theatre

Directed by Mark Bellamy

Musical Direction by Konrad Pluta

Set Design by Leon Schwesinger

Lighting Design by Ajay Badoni

Photos by John Watson Photography 

Pictured: Katherine Fadum, Jeremy Crittenden, Madeleine Suddaby, Katrina Reynolds, Christian Goutsis, Selina Wong & Daniel Williston

Puppeteers were costumed in shades of grey, with the rest of the cast in bright colourful pieces. (2014)

Richard III

The Shakespeare Company

Directed by Iam Coulter

Set and Lighting Design by Cimmeron Meyer

Sound Design by Peter Moller

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Trevor Leigh, Ravonna Dow,

This production was set in Early 1600's. (2011)


The Shakespeare Company

Directed by Iam Coulter 

Set and Lighting Design by Cimmeron Meyer

Sound Design by Peter Moller

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

This production was set in Gothic time period. Much of the product was lit very dark, I used texture and silhouette to distinguish character during the darker scenes. (2010)

Evelyn Strange

Vertigo Theatre

Directed by Johanne Deleeuw

Set and Lighting Design by Scott Reid

Sound Design by Christian Goutsis

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Julie Orton, Tyler Rive, David Leyshon & Barbara Gates-Wilson

1960's mystery with multiple locations and scenarios. (2010)

With the experience of costuming several Musical Revues, this has afforded me the familiarity of costuming based on musical styles, not only scripts. 


Some of these productions often had over 300 costumes for only 10 performers.

Photos credits: New West Theatre

& Stage West Theatre 


Snake in the Grass

Vertigo Theatre

Directed by Vanessa Porteous

Set Design by Terry Gunvordahl

Lighting Design by Cimmeron Meyer

Sound Design by Christian Goutsis

Photos by Benjamin Laird Photography

Pictured: Valerie Planche and Laura Parken


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